The Legacy Continues

Wrap N' Fly
Kenneth "Kenny" Watkins 
1975 - 2021

Wrap N’ Fly, Inc. was created by Kenneth (Kenny) Watkins in 2013. Just a man with a backless office chair encased in a handmade wooden box and a dream. His humble beginnings started with a small trailer in a local parking lot just miles from Orlando International Airport.  His idea to provide luggage wrapping was well received but presented challenges because customers had to travel off-site.


In the years to come Wrap N’ Fly would have a permanent home next to a restaurant a mile from the airport but, there was still a disconnect with customers desiring luggage wrap. Although not in a parking lot, services were still off site and Kenny was burdened with travelers' convenience and trust issues. 


Things began to look up when Kenny was finally able to open at an concessions counter inside of the airport in Terminal A Level 1. Because of this opportunity my husband Kenny was able to see part of his dream come to fruition. Not long after, COVID-19 happened and as a result of stress and heartbreak brought on by the pandemic this gentle giant’s health began to fail.


Just as the World was reopening and travel picked up, Kenny’s health continued to deteriorate. God opened the gates to heaven and led him in on February 6, 2021 at only 45 years old. Survived by his wife, four kids, family and hundreds of friends. Kenny was well known in the airport not only because of Wrap N’ Fly but because he’d worked there in various capacities since he was a teenager and had bonds with everyone he met. Kenny provided passengers with personalized hand drawn images on their luggage and gained hundreds of followers on Facebook and Instagram by posting pictures taken with guests and their luggage.